League Rules

- The First 4 weeks of shooting will set up your average and handicap. The next 8 weeks will be the competition weeks that will make your final score.
- You can miss 2 times out of the 8 weeks before you are out of the competition. You can continue to shoot you just will not be in the running for the awards.
- You can shoot both nights in one week if you want but you must turn in the score from the first night. Unless you are shooting 2 different disciplines then you can turn in both scores.
- If you shoot the whole night than you must turn in your score card or receive a 0.
- If you have mechanical issues then you can get it fixed and then come back to finish shooting the following night starting where you left off and your score card will stay at the building.
- Score 11-10-8-5
- The first 4 weeks will be the beginning of your average and handicap.
- Weeks 5-12- Each week you will get a new score of your shot score plus your handicap. There will be a score cap of 357 each week.
- At the end the 8 weeks will be added together for a total score.
- You can miss 2 weeks of the 8 weeks (5-12) to stay in the running. The first missed week you will receive your average plus your handicap. The second missed week you will receive your average and half your handicap. The third missed week puts you out of the running for awards but can still continue to shoot.
New this year:
Top Gun class- The top 4 shooters( in all classes) in total points each week will be moved up to this class and out of your regular class. If you drop out of the top 4 shooters you will be moved back to your class.
Rangefinder class- There will be only one rangefinder class no matter what age, gender, or class you shoot. If you shoot the rangefinder class you must stay in it and cannot help others who are not in the rangefinder class. League Rues PDF