Hi cottonwood archery members!
I just wanted to share my exiting hunt this last Saturday night. I was able to call this beautiful buck in from over 80 yards out. I was able to get him within 20 yards away from me when I shot him with my Hoyt Rampage bow. The time of day was dusk, I climbed out of deer stand and tried to track him. Dark came and my husband mark came looking for me, he probably thought I fell out of my deer stand. I was so excited he could hardly understand what I was saying , but with the hand gestures and all my excitement he figured it out real quick. Mark found a small blood trail and it only took us 1/2 way to him. I went up a small embankment toward the river where I saw my bright pink luminoks flashing amongst some tall grass and timber. We would of never found him if it wasn't for my luminok. Talk about a adrenaline rush!! Best hunt ever!!!
Becky Crouse