Welcome to Cottonwood Archery Club

January 2019

 Hope everyone is having a good 2019 so far. We held a club meeting in December where we discussed the upcoming 3-D league, some club member events, and rebuilt the back wall at archery solutions. We have made some changes to the club this past year and have set the dates for our 2019 shoots. This past fall the club held online elections for new officers and board members. Our new officers are Mark Petska as President, Marty Hagemann as Vice-President, Cara Crandell as Secretary, and Rickie Crandell as Treasurer. Our board members are Brian Wormuth, Becky Crouse, Mark Crouse, Gary Deal, and Kevin Douglas. If you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns feel free to contact any of these people.

 Our 2019 3-D league has just begun. 3-D league is held every Tuesday and Wednesday from January 8/9 to March 26/27. We are once again having the continuous line where you can start shooting anytime between 6:30p.m and 7:30p.m each night. The first 4 weeks scores make up your handicap and then the last 5-12 weeks are your completion scores. We will hold an awards night after the 12 weeks are up in April.

 We are also hoping to have some club member and
family events this year. If you have any suggestions on things to do, please feel free to talk with one of the board members or officers. Some of the ideas we are working on are: having a wild game feed, doing a club member tournament with a potluck afterward, and doing the broad head tuning clinic again.
 Here is our
shoot schedule for this upcoming year. We would love to see more club members helping with set-up and clean-up at our shoots to help make them possible. Without people to setup there won’t be a shoot. We are also trying out a new shoot with some Kansas and Nebraska Clubs called Border wars. This will consist of two shoots in Kansas and two in Nebraska. We will keep you posted more about these as they get closer.

Kevin Douglas