Club News


                                       Cottonwood Archery Club News
                                                        Fall 2017

  Greetings to all. Hope that all is well and your Fall Hunting Season is going well. Deer
Season is about to turn on as the harvest finally kicks into high gear, giving the Big
Boy’s less places to hide. Best of luck out there and be safe.
  Now, let’s move on to CAC news. First I would like to review what we’ve done as a
club thus far in 2017. At the beginning of the year Dan Zabloudil stepped down as club
VP. Dan had held that position for many years and felt it was time for someone else to
step up to the plate. So last January we held an election and Mark Petska is now our
  Another positive change we made was to form a new Board of Directors. Reason
being that for the most part, club officers were also acting as the Board. Bylaws state
that the Board is the governing body, meaning they are the voting body and oversee the
duties of club officers. Club officers are responsible for carrying out the business of said
club. This way there is a checks and balances between bodies. Board members are
Mark Crouse, Dale Long, Cara Crandall, Gary Deal, Martin Hagemann and Kevin
Douglas. Bylaws state the President is part of Board. New Board members have done a
great job.
  Outdoor 3D season went well again this summer. Our Father’s Day Shoot had the
most people attend with over 80 shooters.For our leg of the Quad we used more of
Prairie Lake property to the east near the lake, which made for quite a challenging
course. Also, after expenses were paid, we raised over $800.00 at the Jeff Craft
Memorial 3D Shoot with proceeds always going to the Craft children.
  There seemed to be plenty of help with setting up and take down but maybe a lack with
registration and cooking. I want to encourage members to come and help with at least
one or two events throughout the year, both Indoor and Outdoor events. Let’s not let it
become a burden on the same folks for events. PLEASE STEP UP!
  In September Cottonwood members held our first Hunting Skills Field Day at Prairie
Lake. Members instructed youth and adults who are new to bowhunting or wanting to
pick up some extra knowledge. Topics included Blood Trailing, Treestand setup and
Safety, Field Dressing and Trophy Skinning & Game Care. Hunt Prep and Ethics. Shot
Placement, Shoot, Don’t Shoot. And a Shooting Clinic with Marty Hug. It was a great
day and we plan to do it every year.
  On a sad note as you may know, Cottonwood lost two of our own this Summer. Our
friends Bill Vaughan and Dean Wormuth. To honor them we are displaying plaques at
the Archery Solutions Building in their memory.
  Members once again taught the archery portion for the Pheasants Forever Youth
Mentor Hunt in Sept. at Bunker Hill Resort east of Hastings. Another great day with the
  Laura and Jerry Allen report that JOAD is going well at Archery Solutions. They have

been working with 12 to 18 youth each week. Ages between 8 to 18. They meet each
week around 6pm. There is a small fee. Cottonwood is Hosting a Halloween Fun Shoot
on Sat. night Oct. 28th from 6-10pm at Archery Solutions North of Hastings. Anyone
interested in helping with setting up and RSO duties should contact Mark Siebrass at
402-984-0317 as he is the lead for this event.
  The State President and Secretary Meeting will be held on Sunday, November 19th in
Grand Island at Third City Archers Indoor Range to set event dates for 2018.
Cottonwood will be represented there with the hopes of setting dates pretty close to
those in 2017, with the possible addition of a FITA Shoot at a different location such as
Heartland Shooting Park because of the distances to be shot for this event. Should be a
good time if it works out.
  We are planning a club meeting after the first of next year. There will be an agenda
and Q&A session because we need input from all members. Remember. It’s all of our
club, so we need ideas to make it a better experience for everyone.
  Lastly. Don’t forget Indoor 3D League starts January 2nd and 3rd around 6pm at
Archery Solutions! This year we want to try a continuous line so you can show up
between 6pm and 9pm to shoot. We still need to work out the warm up details while
everyone is shooting. But let’s give it a try for a few weeks to see how it pans out. That’s
all for now. And I must apologize for not updating Club News sooner.
                                                                                  Kevin Douglas
                                                                                  Club President