Welcome to Cottonwood Archery Club

   About Cottonwood

   Since it's birth in 1988, Cottonwood Archery Club has grown from a handful of dedicated archers with a dream, to a legitimate club supporting well over 70 members to date, and we are growing all the time. Anyone interested in archery whether you are into target shooting or an avid bowhunter, beginner or a seasoned shooter, traditionalist or shoot the latest compound bow with all the bells and whistles, Cottonwood just may be for you.

   Our club is very youth oriented. After all, the young people of today are the future of bowhunting and all shooting sports. Some of our members are archery instructors with 4-H Shooting Sports. Others are certified Bowhunter Ed. instructors. While others just want to help a kid get started. Cottonwoood members have stepped up year after year to instruct the archery section at the annual DU Greenwing Day, and Pheasants forever Youth Mentor Hunt, for the Hastings area Chapters.

   During the spring, summer, and fall months we'll call Prairie Lake Archery Range homebase. This facility sits on approx. 17 acres of Little Blue NRD ground. The NRD does a top notch job of maintaining the course while the club does it's part in maintaining target butts, and the shooting towers. The facility has restrooms and an outdoor shelter, a practice range with plenty of parking, 2 shooting towers, and 1 walk out platform set up on a course that will accommodate a 24 target 3-D shoot. Winter indoor 3-D league is held at YMCA Sports and Rec. Complex here in Hastings. We shoott on Tues. evenings around 6:45, with set up around 5:30. We are located on the courts at the east end of the building. 16 3-D stations with plenty of obstacles. Winter league is from, Jan through Mar. RANGE LOCATIONS

   Officers are nominated, elected, or if you want to volunteer once a year. We don't hold monthly meetings. Most of our communication between officers and members is done through email, by phone, or in person at club functions. We feel this works best for us. Bottom line is Cottonwood Archery club is dedicated to preserving the future of hunting and the sport of archery. If you are interested in becoming a member of Cottonwood, please contact Audrey Douglas at kakdoug@windstream.net or click on to our membership page.